Cultivating Curiosity, Courage, Compassion,
Connection, and Community

Is your current journey taking you where you want to go?

We can be desperate for connection. We want to experience being accepted for who we are, no matter which area of our life. We are often in competition with others to prove we are worthy of them. Instead of gaining acceptance, we create distance.

By investing in the process of understanding yourself and others more clearly, by expanding your perspective of yourself and others, you will begin to experience and Explore A World Without Judgment. And begin to experience grace, compassion, and acceptance. This experience, no matter where your journey takes you, will be more fulfilling.

Theresa Hubbard is here to guide you on your journey to cultivating your curiosity, uncovering your courage, your compassion, and your desire for connection and community. She can hold the space for you to create a world where you experience authentic connection.


10 Westowne Street, Liberty, Missouri 64068

tel: 816-407-7706

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