Theresa Hubbard’s reputation as a speaker and facilitator is built on her ability to explore topics with authenticity, warmth, and humor. She is able to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable change strategies.

Theresa speaks to groups including graduates, hospice workers, clergy, engineers, mental health professionals, teachers, the serious and chronically ill on various topics such as mindfulness, compassion, connection, community, leadership, grief, neurofeedback, hypnotherapy, and self-care.

Caring, giving and supportive.
Patient and insightful facilitator; loved how she affirms everyone for their time of sharing. I valued the flexibility that she exhibited with the schedule…great model.
Theresa is so gifted at seeing the person behind their words and I continue to learn so much from her.
The Journey Home is an amazing, tranquil space. You can feel the peace and positive energy immediately.
Theresa does an amazing job serving as a group facilitator and managing the emotions and perspectives from participants.


For detailed information and to sign up for the email list about upcoming retreats that Theresa facilitates with William Walker Bird, please visit https://igniteyourexplorer.com

These holistic retreats are the opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself and the world around you.  You will leave having experienced various mindful techniques, and experiential exercises that support in connecting you to your whole self.  Once we experience that connection we are more likely to continue to make choices that support our best selves as we return to our daily life.  We will expose you to the teachings of well-respected researchers, authors, and practitioners – Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Devin Berry, Dan Siegel, Pema Chodron, Rick Hanson, Steve Porges, and many, many others. 

Theresa’s background, training, and clinical experience combine to focus our attention on individual emotional health and strengthening relationships.  Together, you will explore your connection to yourself and to others.  With Theresa’s guidance you will become more aware of yourself as we engage in different types of mindfulness activities (both indoor and outdoor, so bring warm clothes!).  She is currently completing the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach to continue to expand her mindfulness resources.

You will learn a deeper way of holding the big picture of your experience while maintaining focused attention. You will learn about shock and how it undermines our belief that we can be mindful. With Theresa’s guidance you will discuss and experience how being mindful affects every area of our life, including the success of our relationships.  You will also explore and learn about neuroplasticity. These retreats feature opportunities for loving-kindness and self-compassion meditations. These retreats provide for periods of quiet, in addition to periods of mindfulness work and sharing in the group setting.

All retreats offer the opportunity to step into a full experience of completing a FireWalk.

If all humans were engaged in Mindfulness as instructed by Theresa Hubbard, the world would be an immeasurably better place.
B.J. - Kansas City, MO
The tools provided in her Mindfulness Retreats are fantastic, very helpful, and useful.
L.D. - Lee's Summit, MO
The Journey Home is a beautiful venue for retreats. The home, the grounds and the owner are awesome. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to relax, release, and just have a beautiful experience.
C.H. - Liberty, MO
The Journey Home is an amazing, tranquil space. You can feel the peace and positive energy immediately.
A.S. - Kansas City, MO

10 Westowne Street, Liberty, Missouri 64068

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