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Theresa is an amazing support!  She is calm, present, and open to exploring all perspectives.  It can be a huge challenge in this field to consider and keep all perspectives in mind, and most importantly, to do the self work; the very essence that drives our practice, our lives, and how we impact our clients. What an amazing resource to have such an experienced and knowledgeable therapist help guide us through our own growth and the murky waters in which we often find ourselves. I always value my time with Theresa and appreciate the clarity and insight she offers!

– Laura Drinkard, LCMFT 

The guidance I’ve gained from Theresa as a mentor has been transformational. I’ve grown as a clinician and a human being. I am grateful for her breadth of knowledge about so many different modalities and most importantly her interest in helping me be exactly the clinician I need to be. That’s Theresa’s goal: not to mimic her own success, but to reveal the personal path of whoever she is working with. Theresa is someone I want to come back to time and time again in my life and career and can trust that she will always have the guidance that I need. Big Theresa fan over here! So lucky to have her consultation at the ready in my toolbox whenever I need it.

– Lily D.

“Theresa is the most kind & compassionate person I have met. She finds the beauty in anything, but also keeps it real. She’s knowledgeable beyond her years and is so nurturing while also encouraging independence and confidence. I am beyond grateful that our paths crossed.”

 – Ashley C.

As a mentor, Theresa provides space and guidance for me to integrate the many parts of my life and clinical practice. Our conversations often weave throughout my personal, business and clinical life. Her experience and commitment to integrating the many domains of her own life welcome and inspire me to approach my life the same way. In our meetings are collaborative and there’s freedom to think and feel into whatever lifts up through our conversation. She shares from what she hears in our dialogue and her network of resources in ways that have been immensely helpful to me. Her passion for supporting mental health professionals is evident in her approach. I have a more whole experience of freedom and competency as a result of a mentor relationship with Theresa. 

 – Ben S.

Theresa has been in my life as a supervisor and mentor since 2014. As mental health professionals, we frequently find ourselves pouring into others and holding space for others. On many occasions, Theresa has guided me and held space for me. I have experienced her to be validating and honest, and most importantly she has influenced me to remain curious with myself and my clients. Her knowledge and experience makes her an amazing resource. I highly recommend consulting with Theresa! 

 – Kimberly W.

Theresa Hubbard to be a phenomenal mentor, advisor, and supervisor. Her approach in guidance is through curiosity and understanding. She is your partner in finding a solution to your concerns. I have never felt, shamed or put down for any question, I have felt respected and heard by Theresa. She has helped me to build my skills while keeping my career anxiety in check. I plan to use her as a mentor for many years to come.

 – Jonni Allen

I had the privilege of sitting under Theresa’s mentorship and supervision for over four years. She provided much of my undergraduate site supervision and postgraduate supervision for licensure. I am exceedingly grateful for the time I was able to learn from such a compassionate, knowledgeable, and wise individual. Theresa always gently challenged me to be my best, both personally and professionally. Her commitment to excellence, tireless curiosity, ability to integrate cutting edge interventions, and practical skill make her an inspirational and effective mentor. I honestly believe I would not be where I am in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy if it had not been for her guidance and influence throughout my formative years as a new therapist. I highly recommend her as a mentor for anyone who wants to reach their full potential as a mental health professional.

 – John P.


10 Westowne Street, Liberty, Missouri 64068

tel: 816-407-7706

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