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At different points in our lives, we are more willing and able to make changes that can improve our life.  Those changes can, directly and indirectly, have a positive impact on our lives and the lives of the people around us.

When you are ready to discuss the changes you would like to make, I will be here.

If you are curious about why you do the things you do, say the things you say, react the way you do, and want to explore some alternatives, I will be here.

My practice focuses on helping people recover from any type or severity of trauma so that they can be free to live their life.  I also treat anxiety, depression, life cycle changes, relationship issues, parenting concerns, and low self-worth.

I have a passion for supporting those with medical trauma and helping people learn to be an advocate for themselves and those they love.

My practice, whether it is as a licensed mental professional, or in the capacity as a coach, provides a safe, comfortable, calming space for you, and is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the health and well-being of individuals, couples and families.

I use the systemic approach to therapy. This approach enables me to understand “you” in the context of all of your relationships, both past, and present.  My goal is to facilitate a therapeutic process for you to identify and develop individual strengths to empower you to effectively deal with life issues.  You may expect to receive support, expertise, and results, but also to work hard for lasting change.

I enjoy helping my clients on their journey toward a quality life experience. Many find my compassionate, non-judgmental, and inquisitive approach helps ease the challenge of confronting their personal issues.

Regular Sessions are 50 minutes.  There are Extended, Half, Full, and Multiple day options which are helpful when working with couples and families.  Please contact Nancy at for additional information and to schedule an appointment.


A Walk in My Shoes by A.B. 15 years old- Overland Park, KS

Take a walk in my shoes
You’ll feel my pain
My sadness, tears
And hope to gain
Take a walk in my shoes
You’ll feel my fear
My weakness, doubt
And my eye shed a tear

Life was definitely not easy
It was filled with much strife
I seemed to feel hopeless
Until you came into my life
Now take a walk in my shoes
You’ll feel my relief
My happiness, pep
And a whole lot less grief

Take a walk in my shoes
You’ll see what I’ve braved
It’s because of you three
that I have been saved

This poem is for Theresa Hubbard, who saved me from a life of fear, R. and B., who are the best friends I've ever had.

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